The Club exists to provide an opportunity for our players to experience a high quality program of developmental and competitive football in a friendly and open environment.

Children who become involved in football experience many important footballing as well as life lessons which can be taken forward in to their every day lives.

As a club, we encourage parents to become involved, whether as spectators or coaches, as they play a critical role in assuring that these experiences for our youth are positive and appropriate. To this end, the football club insists that a set of standards are followed by our players, the parents, the coaches and everyone involved in the club is adhered to, to ensure a minimum standard of RESPECT is maintained at all times.

It is crucial that all of our players are free to enjoy the game without any pressure from any individuals, including the coaches, the parents and the opposition. To help achieve this, we insist all involved with the club adhere to these follow set of guidelines:

  • It is the club’s responsibility to control the behaviour of the coaches, managers, players and spectators representing their club.
  • Spectators are not allowed to coach players or instruct them.
  • Spectators are not allowed to abuse, insult or swear at players of either side, the referee, match or club officials and other spectators.
  • Spectators must not encroach onto the playing area at any time. They must stay behind the rope provided on one side of the pitch. They must not be situated behind either of the goals or on the coaches/players side of the pitch.
  • Spectators should try to applaud good play from both sides and conduct themselves in a positive manner.
  • Team officials must not aggressively coach or commentate by telling the players what to do constantly, during the game.
  • Team officials must not abuse players through ridicule, criticism or swearing.
  • Team officials must not abuse match day officials or opposition managers.
  • Team officials must not condone, ignore or encourage inappropriate behaviour or conduct from their players. They should instead take appropriate action. For example through substituting the player and telling them that their conduct is unacceptable.
  • Team officials must stay within their technical area for the duration of the game (except half time).
  • Team officials must not smoke or drink alcohol during the game.
  • Team officials will applaud good play from both teams.
  • Team officials conduct must at all times ensure the welfare of all the players.
  • Players will not use foul and abusive language at any time.
  • Players will not abuse team mates, opposition players, match officials, club officials or spectators at any time under any circumstances.